Vinayaka Agro Fertilizers

With an aim to be one of the leading suppliers of fertilizers in the whole of Karnataka, we have also started home delivery and also free services to farmers. As we are growing, we are diversifying into supplying different nutirients for plants and animals.


Vinayaka Agro fertilizers, having its registered office at Belman has been supplying fertilizers from worlds top most companies.


We are into supplying of agro products like NPK Fertilizers, Organic fertilizers, neem cake, neem oil, water soluble fertilizers, bio pesticides, chemical pestisides, growth promoters, bio fungisides and bio fertilizers.

Marketing Set Up

Having already set up offices at 2 different locations we are in the process of expanding and spreading across the different areas of Karnataka.


We offer the following services to our Customers.

Free Home Delivery

We provide free home delivery for our customers.

Free Customer Service

We give free Customer Service to our customers regarding any queries or information.

Yearly Visits

We provide 2-3 yearly visits for our customers.


Our Vision, Mission and Goals are as follows:

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